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Hello lt years, I have prepared myself for a guy in 50 h ' s beloved local guy who was younger and ACCOM cd' s to meet online and vipmaturetube chat a litle i some of my fantasies and role sub epress. any case the day came and I went to a nice bungalow in a quiet street. The door opened and went with my little bag of clothes and plenty of broadsheet newspapers. Said he had bought me to change in the warehouse, where a school uniform and valid a Basque thong and red shoes in my size was bright. Or quickly collapsed to the Hold vipmaturetube -Up Basque and Thong school uniform ( tight skirt ) my blonde wig, makeup and lipstick match the vipmaturetube shoes filled offith and a wide belt of red PVC to pull the blouse was in I hesitated then down tot kitchen with large stacks of newspapers and a newspaper apron as shown. I have in the middle of the kitchen floor and turn slowly, as he vipmaturetube examined my eyes and perverse. vipmaturetube I ' d past. took out his cameraand took about 50 photos of me in the kitchen and the conservatory in various poses on the furniture. He told me to make coffee Hima, and sat at the kitchen table. Once she had her baby in its own way is much more dominant. Put a little forward in the papers that sinks into the ground and then clear the dishwasher, wash the cups few n the side that lost something in the dishwasher Papes spill. With much care what I had said, but a few minutes adripped a little water on the floor. order dog is neglected here and put me on his knee. I thought I would get five or six strokes, but he had other ideas. It was on the knee for 10-15 minutes, and he has lost more than 50 times. So bitch, and he commanded to go stand in the newspaper. He took the paper apron and brought him to me, vipmaturetube I ask permission to enter it, he said. So I asked him, he put an apron on me and pinned in the back. Now uu worthless bitch should thank me for each lash onend u no manners, and I thank you in the end. Get on your knees or need to learn how to behave. I knelt, now don 't get the apron or more of the wet newspapers on the floor. Out of my tail, and put him on the lips with the PEO -mouthed that I have a gift for you. Now bitch begged me to piss in your mouth. I asked him and he let go with their urine, stopping every few seconds and swallow me oreding. this seemed an eternity, since I'm not trying to Wicht or spill. I was really with him until the last sip, my mouth was very full, and the way finishepissing before he told me his cock entered Swalla forced to urinate just everywhere... Part 2 to follow
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